Sometimes you have to feel a little hope.  Hope that your next project will come off, or that your last project stays successful.  Hope that you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, or that the light says bright for a while.

I don’t feel cheated when the light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a light to shine along the path ahead, I just get a bit pissed off when the light shows itself for a bit then is snuffed out as if it simply didn’t exist – a bit of a will of the wisp. Leading you onward with the promise of good times ahead.

Thing is, there are good times ahead aren’t there? Even when the wisp of light is dim or has disappeared it’ll be back – often when you don’t expect it. There is a corner up ahead or a fork in the road. Both of those things need dealing with, in maybe slightly different ways though.

Thing is, we do have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of our choices. But our choices don’t always lead us to where we were expecting to go, do they? So many times I have hated myself and berated myself, shown no tolerance for the mistakes I have made. Often those mistakes are influenced by circumstance and I have blown the problem out of all propotion in my mind…

Thing is, no one wants to think they are weak but it’s natural to notice there is weakness inside us. We all have weaknesses. All of us. We have strengths too but sometimes in  response to what’s happening around us things can all be too much and we understandably  get swamped for a bit.

Remembering how I would treat a loved one in my situation does help sometimes. I find words of encouragement then! Also, I do talk to myself. That way I can be sure someone is listening 🙂  Give yourself a break, treat yourself and speak to yourself the way you would someone you really care about. It’s worth a try, really it is.


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