There is someone there for you – MH Crisis Angels

Have you ever felt no one listens? Do you just want someone to talk to?

Over the last few weeks I have found myself involved with a group who offer fantastic peer support . We offer a friendly, non judgemental, confidential place for you to talk about your problems, no matter how big or how small they seem to you.

This group are called Mental Health Crisis Angels. They came about as a lovely lady had the idea of offering somewhere for people who are struggling in life to come to and talk to peers who have been through mental health issues themselves, to talk to people who have been in that place and understand. The Crisis Angels have already brought comfort to many people, just by being there and talking.

My Simple Mind also has a great blog where you can find out more about her and the MH Crisis Angels.

Please take a look, follow and if you or anyone you know needs a place to talk about anything at all this is a great place to go.

You are not a burden, you are not a problem. You do deserve care. Visit us. We will listen



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