Self Care with Susie – January: Jack in the Junk

Mental Health Crisis Angels have a new blog site!
Today guest blogger Susie gives us some great ideas for January.

MH Crisis Angels

So this is a 12 month continous block. I will be giving 12 examples of things we can do each month, that promote self care, self awareness and self motivation. I will be doing these tasks you can join me in this as you wish. I will put up the monthly ideas and follow them up with my progress at the end of the month. You can add your progress too.

January: Jack in the Junk

We all have stuff. Stuff that’s been forgotten, doesn’t fit or is just tucked away out of sight. Maybe during January you can join me in doing something useful with the junk. Whilst the winter days drag on and the days seem to be getting shorter not longer. It could be a way of making a bit of extra money. Or why not donate it to a charity of choice. Let someone else benefit…

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