Accept yourself

Accepting my own condition

In recent months helping out with @MHCrisisAngels I

I have been privileged to speak to people who have turned to MHCrisis Angels.

This is a Twitter based peer support group, who offer a safe confidential and compassionate place for people to come to when they just want someone to talk to, someone who will listen.

I have seen many people come to us. These people have often been desperate for someone to talk to, just to have someone listen to their worries and fears , about a huge variety of issues. Each person has had different ways of seeing the problems they face but one thing seems a constant.

They have no sense of self worth. To varying degrees people understand they have no sense of self worth. Some believe it’s their own fault , that they were born with no value. Others realise that their self confidence has been stripped away from them by callous, cruel treatment from others, often people who should be the very ones supporting them or people who have taken advantage of them when they were vulnerable .

There are many reasons people feel exposed, many reasons for fear, often mixed with a misplaced self loathing that is undeserved. Often people think their own issues are nothing compared with others problems , that they have no right to feel the way they do or that they shouldn’t be bothering anyone. That they don’t deserve care and compassion.

Let me say that anyone who struggles , for whatever reason has a right to be heard. No one is undeserving of care and compassion. Every problem has a valid basis. Everyone has the right to be heard and everyone deserves help.

You do matter. You do have a right to happiness. You do deserve to be heard by the people who’s job involves helping with health. Be that physical , mental or both .

I have been very lucky to recently meet online some incredible and inspirational people. It reminds me that the journey I am on is no less important than anyone else’s. The experience you yourself have can be used for good but also I am reminded that there is no obligation for everyone to use every experience they have had to be used for anything. The thing that matters is that we learn to accept we are who we are and that person is deserving of self compassion and kindness.

Maybe because of or inspite of our experiences we do deserve self acceptance and we deserve to process those experiences and put them away in our minds where they belong.

I am learning to find myself. It’s a long journey, every day is different and brings opportunities and difficulties.It doesn’t mean failure when a difficult period in life happens, getting through it is possible.

It is possible to learn to care for yourself and it’s your right to be heard. It’s hard not to give up but learning to put one foot in front of the other through these hard times is key to getting through and reaching a place that makes it all worthwhile.

Pilgrim x

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