Morning – a cup of tea with procrastination

Funnily, I’ve been putting this off for a couple of days…

I really feel that procrastination is a big stumbling block on my journey.   Nearly every time I decide on a plan of action I find a multitude of things to do first, often things that could be done later or not at all just yet.  Unfortunately this isn’t really helpful on my quest to feel better about myself, I usually can’t understand where the time has gone. Maybe time to check the clocks in the house for accurate to-the-second timekeeping. Or clean the clock. Or maybe it’s a better idea to just think back to where I might have lost anywhere between several minutes to several hours? Err, what was I doing?

I’ve even found ways to avoid making simple steps to do something about that,seems  I’m good at losing time, maybe not so hot at keeping it!

So I’ve decided to look into some ways to get a grip on it.

I’ve a few new thoughts on ways to manage it. It appears that this is often linked with anxiety and depression and it’s a problem thats never going to make me feel upbeat about the day, unless I saw the day being spent wandering around finding ways to waste the day…

Some ways of getting to grips with procrastiation include ideas like if you are the kind of person who responds well to being encouraged by friends try setting a goal for yourself and asking friends on social media to get behind encouraging you.

That really doesn’t work for me, it’s just not my thing at all. I hate asking anyone for help.

So alternatively if you’d rather keep your goal to yourself try setting an alarm, this helps remind you of how quickly time slips by with an added bonus of you knowing a task should be started and/or completed by your alarm time! Probably breaking a big thing into smaller chunks when you can is useful sometimes but don’t overwhelm yourself with lots of tasks that you will avoid…  Is it questionable though whether that will just remind me how useless I am at getting things done?

A bit of delegating can help if that’s possible – in other words getting someone else to help get something done can give you a push to get your part of the job done, it’s not good to have that other person giving you The Look.. you know, the one that says ‘what are you waiting for??’ Ah, there’s guilt again.

Everyone has stumbling blocks, it’s ok to know you have flaws. Really expecting too much of yourself leads to bigger stumbles and eventually longer spaces between trying.

Interestingly, I reckon I procrastinate because I feel it’s easier not to face the world and try to achieve something. I find it very hard to try to achieve when someone – anyone,anyone at all – could see me. I frequently don’t want to try anything if someone else could possibly watch me. It’s hard to find a way of doing something where there is nobody at all who can see. It’s not practical or even possible to do everything privately, rationally of course I know that but do still find it hard to be seen, in fact it’s harder as I’ve got older. That’s something I need to get to grips with a bit, if I find a way to do that it would help a great deal…

Watch this space?  Or shall I have another cup of tea first?



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