Effects of medication

Today I wanted to write about the effects of living with taking lots of medication.

First though, before I start waffling I’d like to say something. I have recently been in a hard place mentally, been struggling with the demons of depression and have had some trouble getting the anxiety under control…

Thank you Gem @GemsQuirkyGemsQuirky for reaching out and touching me when it mattered.This girl is a star and does a great podcast too!

So, living on medication. I take a fair few medications for one thing or another ( and another. And another. And anoth… Ah, you know ) so I do understand how it feels to spend your days in a cloud. What I don’t quite get is the change from one day to the next how these drugs affect me – some days I feel quite with it, fairly on the ball. Other days I’m so far off the ball Im not too sure there ever was a ball – was I imaging the ball? Maybe the ball is off having a cup of tea with the plot coz I lost that too.

Ok, I knew it. Here’s where the waffle starts now, please feel free to laugh.

I heard someone mention brain fog the other day. Oh yes, I feel that lady’s point. Brain fog, it’s a state I find myself in frequently. When you feel as if you ( just you ) are looking out through a thick layer of fog that’s wrapped around you, you’re breathing it in and it’s moulded around your contours, weighing you down.

I haven’t ever spoken to my doctor about this. I wonder what he’d say?

I don’t want the hassle of trying to cope with the effects of changing my meds. I’ve no clue which one causes brain fog and fatigue- most of them probably. There must be some sort of reaction between all these pills – sometimes I think there’s some kind of chemical fusion reaction happening!

There’s a strange sort of fascination in me about the effects of all these drugs. I recon I’ve got more shit floating around in me than most people would think is possible but I do still give myself a hard time for feeling tired or foggy.

I’m going to try and find out a bit more about how medication affects fatigue. I expect there’s a lot of information out there about it, I just haven’t come across it yet.

I’ll come back with a future post about what I find!

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